Dried fruits

Dried fruits – a specialty from all around the world

Apricots from Turkey, pears from China and peaches from South Africa – not many foodstuffs are as international as dried fruits. For good reasons: Over the years many varieties have been cultivated and developed, far beyond their countries of origin. If we take plums alone, one of the most popular dried fruits in Germany and France, there are 2,000 varieties in the world. Among the largest and most important regions of cultivation are the USA, France, Chile, Eastern Europe and Argentina - despite the fact that plums originated in ancient Persia.

As importers of dried fruits, we are thankfully spared the problem of choosing only one from many sources. In accordance with our customer’s demands, we are in a position to locate and deliver precisely the products whose attributes, levels of quality and price best match their requirements. On the following pages we present you with a selection of the dried fruits we currently import and sell, accompanied by a specification of each. Simply click on any product you would like more information about. If you are interested in other kinds of dried fruit or require further information on these, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Our dried fruit products