Organic products

Suntree GmbH organic products certified DE-ÖKO-001

To enter the organic market in 2007 and accustom ourselves with organic inspection procedures (certified DE-ÖKO-001) we founded Suntree GmbH. Suntree GmbH is an autonomous subsidiary of Heinrich Brüning GmbH that exclusively trades in organic products. That is why Suntree GmbH is a guarantee of 100 percent pure organic quality.

Our aim is to convince consumers with authentic flavors, to establish and affirm their trust in organic food production and processing. In achieving this our long-term quality management experience is just as decisive as our promise to responsibly ensure that “organic” applies at all stages of the production chain – also far in excess of requirements.

Organic products offer you many advantages

What do you gain by buying organic quality sunflower seeds, currants, sultanas, Brazil nuts and other products from Suntree? You expand your own range with products that are grown in accordance with the EU guidelines for organic agriculture, thereby satisfying a strong demand for premium value from your customers.