There should be no arguments
about quality

We do a lot to gain the satisfaction of our customers and strive to constantly enhance this as the basis of a long-term partnership. Our quality management plays an important role in this, which we have successfully established in our operations for over ten years.

For sure, anyone can stake a claim to quality. We go further and make it transparent – for example, in the form of our own quality control department, which includes a sensory laboratory. Three experts are employed there, who are exclusively concerned with the organoleptic analysis of imported and manufactured goods and confirm their results by independent parallel testing at an external laboratory.

As one of the first dried fruit importers in Germany, we decided in 2004 to become certified in accordance with the International Food Standards (IFS), in order to guarantee safe products for our customers and the ability to trace through the entire delivery chain. External audits take place annually as a part of IFS certification, which we complete on a voluntary basis with internal training and examinations by external quality consultants.

IFS certified – what does that mean?

To improve the safety of food, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) was founded in 2000. Its purpose is to define and validate international safety standards for food producers. In Germany these standards were largely initiated by the Association of German Retailers (HDE), through which consistent requirements for the quality management of food suppliers were defined. Since 2008, the International Food Standard, version 5, has represented the applicable safety standard for the food industry. This covers various aspects including corporate responsibility, the quality management system, resource management, the production process as well as detailing measurements, analyses and improvements.